1PCS/1PAIR Knee Therapy

$14.32 USD

Great for strengthening while working out for knee support.

Multi-directional elastic provides a great fit and is very comfortable support on the knee, it maintain knee warmth appropriately and  reduce chronic arthritis pain. High elastic provides the knee a good fit and more comfortable support. Mitigate chronic arthritis pain, suitable for every fitness and sport, especially bike riders.  

Made with Spandex 25%,  Poly/Cotton Blend 33%, Nylon 42% /Size: M (36-40 inches) L (40-44 inches) XL (44-48 inches) 


Your knees need protection. Research shows that only when we walk on the ground can our knees bear three to five times the actual weight.

Traveling long distances can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for some elderly people or anyone with knee pain.

With the full compression of the knee sleeve of the doctor's knee joint, you can completely eliminate pain and get adequate support without worrying about rolling or instability.

Pain relief and muscle/joint recovery-compression have been shown to promote muscle recovery and prevent injury.

Our knee sleeves relieve muscle stiffness, extra pain, and provide performance from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinitis, pain and discomfort to your peak under any circumstances.

Lightweight, breathable, adjustable comfort, suitable for 4-way elastic stretching, will not roll, slide or slip,

Enhance blood circulation and oxygenation, thereby improving muscle performance, accelerating the recovery of injured muscles, joints and other parts.

Anti-skid, knee and leg sleeves - perfect sports - Double silica gel anti-skid design can reduce ups and downs roll,

Muscle inhibition reduces vibration and oscillation - muscle fatigue and injury and graded compression are suitable for cyclic benefits, faster recovery and injury treatment.

Maximum removal of metabolic waste. Ensure faster recovery and less post-exercise muscle soreness 20-30 mm mercury column graded compression to provide optimal oxygen-containing blood flow.

Functional assurance - aims to protect the knee, promote faster recovery and improve muscle endurance.

Packaging includes:
1 Pair Knee Therapy




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