Pedal Resistance Bands


Pedal Resistance Bands - Sit Ups * Bands * Pedal Exerciser *Whole Body Workout Abs Muscle Builder * Chest Expander Home Gym * Fitness Equipment                                  Specifications:                                                                                                                    (45KG) -Suitable for a person weighing between 99lbs. to 120lbs.                        (69KG) - Suitable for a person weighing between. 132lbs. to 154lbs.               (90KG) - Suitable for a person weighing between 154lbs. to 176 lbs.    (120KG)  Suitable for a person weighing between 187ibs. to 220lbs.

 Equipment included :  1* Pedal Exerciser.                                                             1* Multi-function Handle.1* Door Anchor.                                                       FIRM ABS BUILDER This is a comprehensive abdominal training resistance band, which can not only be used as a sit-up aid, but also can further exercise your abdominal muscles and vest line.

MULT-PURPOSE EXERCISE 360-Degree body sculpt without dead angle, full-body exercises, including back muscles, shoulder muscles, arm muscles, chest muscles, waist and abdomen muscles and gluteal muscles, etc., to shape your perfect body shape.

HOME GYM AND EASY TO CARRY Portable and easy to store, you can take the Pedal Resistance Band in the privacy of your home, hotel room, office, for travel, business, and any outdoor situations.

HIGH QUALITY MARETIAL Natural latex produced in Malaysia, durable, non-irritating, no peculiar smell, with strong tensile properties and resilience; 500 knitted high-density protective sleeve, anti-stretching, anti-oxidation, and avoiding rebound injuries.

MULTIPE EXERCISE USES With door buckles and multi-function handles, it can replace barbells, dumbbells, gantry frames and other equipment to complete most of the gym's training movements, such as sit-up assistance, Russian rotation, kneeling abdominal curls, chest clamps, Chest press, standing curls , Seated rowing, forward flat lift, side flat lift and other training actions.

RESISTANCE LEVEL ADJUSTABLE You can adjust the resistance according to your own training situation, step by step, and gradually get rid of the aid of the equipment; the utility model patent design of the three-hole structure, the adjustment resistance is super simple, the composite ABS three-hole buckle, high strength, high hardness, safe training is guaranteed.

PROFESSIONAL WORKOUT MANUAL Are you getting tired looking for workout guidance? Our product includes a professional workout manual which contains tremendous efficient exercises for different body parts. We ensure you will get the best use experience with our pedal resistance band!

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